Lisa Zucco

  • Lisa Zucco

    Lisa Zucco

    Columbus, OH

  • Lisa Zucco is an Elements Massage® franchisees with three studios in and around the Columbus, Ohio area.  When not opening new studios, Lisa and her husband Darrick are busy with their daughter, Bella, who is 14 and their son Zach who is 7. Prior to owning her studios, Lisa was an Occupational Therapist.

    Why Franchising?
    After years of heavy lifting, Lisa started feeling the physical effects of her previous job. She started
    researching new business opportunities. Lisa found that franchising was a good fit for her lifestyle.

    Why Elements Massage®?
    After extensive research, Lisa chose Elements Massage® because of the solid concept, corporate
    support, and the good financial prospects. Lisa says, “She was sold on the idea after going to Denver
    for “Meet the Team Day.”

    What does the typical routine look like on daily/weekly basis?
    Lisa’s routine varies. Generally she checks in with the studio managers several times a week
    and attends big events such as open houses.

    Do you have a manager? What’s their Role?
    Lisa has managers at her studios. The managers are in charge of all day-to-day operations of the
    studios. They take care of everything from staffing issues to reporting and executing marketing plans.

    How does Elements Massage® provide ongoing support?
    Lisa uses the marketing toolbox for marketing creative needs. She also says that the Director of
    Franchise Support has been a huge help with any questions she has. She says that the regional
    owners/managers meetings are “a great source for information and ideas.”

    What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning an Elements Massage® Franchise?
    Lisa says the most rewarding aspect of owning a franchise is, “watching the business evolve from
    nothing to a functioning studio and seeing the staff grow as a team, and knowing it was because of my