Growing Industry

The Smart Way Into Wellness

The fast-growing health industry is fueled by passionate consumers who care deeply about living long, healthy lives. And massage has earned a top spot among preferred therapies. In fact, more Americans opt for massage therapy to alleviate pain over chiropractic care or physical therapy, even though the latter are covered by insurance.

  • Fueling Industry Growth

    Massage therapy is a dynamic industry that is growing in popularity across demographic categories and throughout the medical community, making it a great time to not only join but lead the movement.

    • Many physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and nurses recommending massage therapy to their patients. In fact, according to the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2014 Massage Therapy Industry Fact Sheet, 55% of physicians routinely recommend massage therapy to the patients.
    • Nearly 30 percent of consumers surveyed said they received a massage in the previous five years, making massage therapy an $8 billion to $10 billion industry.*
    • Nearly 90 percent of consumers surveyed said they believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain.*
    • More and more clients are seeking massage therapy for medical or health reasons.
  • Finding the Right Formula

    Entrepreneurs everywhere are testing the wellness-industry waters, with good reason, but many fall short in providing the level of service that savvy consumers expect. Massage therapy is especially dependent on predictable — exceptional — outcomes. Quite simply, you can get it wrong, and easily lose customers for life.

    At Elements Massage®, we’ve been honing a solid business model for more than 15 years. From site selection and build-out, to streamlined scheduling and billing, to our unique "service path" that dictates the customer experience before, during, and after treatment, our systems are built to guide you in your business and stay ahead of the competition.

  • The Future of Wellness

    As the regulatory environment evolves, there’s no better wellness business to be in than one that meets a growing need without the complicated bureaucracy. As a natural partner to health care providers in your region, you can continually explore ways to nurture referrals that may boost your bottom line.

    *Source: American Massage Therapy Association’s 2014 Massage Therapy Industry Fact Sheet