What led you to Elements Massage®?

Junius spent 17 years with PepsiCo in a variety of roles including strategic planning, sales, and marketing. Before he moved on from his corporate career, he was in an Area Director role generating marketing plans, conducting audits and developing sales plans. Due to a corporate restructuring in the declining economy, Junius moved on from his position. His initial inclination was to simply move onto a similar position at another company, but that proved harder than he had expected. In his words, he felt “highly employable but completely unhirable,” with his high-level experience.  He finally realized it was time to pave his own path. After a few short stints for a media agency and with IBM, Junius began working with a business broker looking at franchise opportunities.

Why franchising?
Coming from a corporate-heavy background, Junius was used to having operational resources and he valued having a playbook. He knew that as long as he was willing to follow the systems of the franchise model, it would be worth the price of admission. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Junius understood the benefits of franchising and the systems that it provides.

Why Elements?
He initially looked at a hair cutting franchise, a house cleaning franchise and Elements Massage®. His broker helped him to narrow down his list by determining that he wanted a business that wouldn’t require him to be there every day; a manger-run model. With his deep understanding of consumer behavior and customer satisfaction, he was confident that a consumer-based business was the right fit for him. He also sought something that wouldn’t require him to relocate from the community he has had laid his roots in for the past 15 years.

He ultimately determined that he wanted to be in the health and wellness space with a business he could be proud of and could help people in an impactful way. “As an industry, Health and Wellness is not going anywhere; it isn’t a trend, it is a way of life,” says Brown.

After further research into the housekeeping business, he knew that he needed a brick and mortar space that would allow him to create a culture with his employees. Finally, he loved the warm feeling he got when walking into an Elements Massage®; not clinical and not a hard-sell approach.

What has the process been like since signing?
The level of support he has gotten from the Elements Massage® team has completely validated his decision to purchase an Elements Massage® studio.  From site selection assistance to marketing support, it has all been terrific.

What does the next year hold?
Junius plans to be in the studio every day for the next year, acting as the manager, so that he can learn the nitty-gritty of the business. His goal was not to buy himself a job, and thus, he plans to have a manager in place within one year. He is excited to help develop the Fairfield County market, opening at least one more location in the future.

What advice does he have for others looking at franchise opportunities?
“Choose the business that feels right for you. Look at it as an investment and a business, but not something that you want to necessarily do every day. Just because you are a good cook, doesn’t mean you should buy a restaurant franchise. You should want to spend your time owning the business, not being IN the business.”