How a father-son duo exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit through very different career paths

Elements Massage® Horsham franchise owner, Kevin Robins, and his son, Mikey, offer a great story of entrepreneurialism through the ages. Kevin, a Baby Boomer, embodies the quintessential attributes of his generation – strong work ethic, self-assured, team oriented and disciplined. Mikey too embodies those characteristics, however in Generation Z/Millennial-cusp fashion – which leans toward being global, social, visual and technological.

What do these two generations have most in common? The spirit of entrepreneurialism.

If you have seen this season’s “Great Food Truck Race” on The Food Network, you will recognize 19-year-old Mikey Robins. He also recently won The Food Network’s “Chopped.” His early fame and success largely stem from his charismatic, free-spirited personality that are both endearing and engaging. Rather than go the college route, Mikey started a food and entertainment business and he has earned national notoriety in this category.

His dad, Kevin, however, notes that there is a conflict between career choices, and it’s largely due to the generational gap. While there is a definite difference in choices between father and son, at the root they are both entrepreneurs. In fact, in addition to owning an Elements Massage franchise – an investment made as part of his legacy plan – Kevin is the CEO of the Prussia-based MidAtlantic Employers Association.

While one may not draw many parallels between culinary and entertainment and therapeutic massage, there are many similarities when it comes to being successful at either path. Strong work ethic, discipline, creativity and a competitive nature are all part of the recipe and qualities that Mikey and Kevin both possess.  Additionally, one common thread between this bonded pair is their long-term view of life – and the foundation they are laying for a prosperous and balanced future that suits them individually.

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