Carly Opheim photoWhy Franchising and Why Elements Massage®?
Carly’s husband owned his own business for many years and later became a franchise owner. Having been business owners both with and without the support of an established franchisor, they would never go into business on their own again.  For Carly, the support that she receives is invaluable, and to have hundreds of other franchise owners to reach out to makes a world of difference.

The business side of Elements Massage® (“Elements”) has always come easily to Carly. “It is an easy business; we do one thing, and you just have to do that one thing right. Within that one service, we still have flexibility in the add-ons and the exciting marketing that we can implement.”

She is extremely passionate about Elements, even after eight years as a franchise owner. “I love it. I love what we do, and I could talk about it all day. I love my team and my staff, and it provides that work-life balance for me that I need,” says Carly. As an Elements Massage® franchise owner, Carly is afforded the flexibility and time to travel with her kids and be active in their lives, while still being able have a career and make money.

Why massage?
Carly loves the massage industry because it provides her the ability to make people happy and it is an easy sell. She feels like she is helping to change the world one massage at a time and truly believes that people will pay money to feel good all day long.

What is daily life like as an Elements Massage® franchise owner?
“I have a full staff and currently have a waiting list for therapists wanting to work here,” Carly said. Her staff includes a manager, a lead therapist and a sales client service specialist, in addition to her massage therapist team. With her team in line, Carly’s role is very hands-off and focused on building and growing the studio. She spends most of her time marketing the business and developing a culture where people want to work. She often visits other studios and attends regional meetings to learn new strategies for the business.

She primarily manages the manager, and the manager handles the day-to-day operations of the studio. However, Carly finds it critical to know the ins and outs of her studio in case she needs to step in.  She spends a couple of hours per week in the studio, while most of the work she does on the business is from home on the computer.

How does the Elements Massage® Management Team support you?
“The support that I receive is fantastic; everything is streamlined,” states Carly. With the systems in place and marketing tools available, Carly finds that she calls the support center with specific needs, and feels that they are there to help. When she started, she sought out the most successful Elements Massage® franchise owners and picked their brains to see what they were doing. It turned out that it wasn’t rocket science; all they were doing was following the system and staying involved and engaged.

What does the future hold?
Carly is currently looking at taking on a second studio in the in the years to come. She is excited about staying active in the Elements Massage® system and recommends for future franchise owners, that they just follow the system and don’t reinvent the wheel. She also urges that it is critical to hire a manager from the get-go so that you can focus on the big picture.