Some may say that it was written in the stars for Michele Sottile to find Elements Massage®.

After months of traveling back and forth between Denver and Phoenix to care for her sick mom, Michele was forced to make a tough decision to stay in Phoenix full-time as her mother’s illness worsened. With the constant stress of being the primary caretaker of her mom, Michele needed an outlet. She started a search for massage studios in the area to relax her mind and body. She found Elements Massage® and quickly booked her first appointment.

Her first Elements Massage® (“Elements”) experience was nothing short of amazing.

“When I walked into the studio, and every time after, a weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I could just exhale,” said Michele.

Michelle began going in for a weekly massage and continued to have incredible experiences with every therapist. As her mom’s illness progressed, Michele’s daughter joined her in Arizona. Elements Massage® then became a family tradition as her daughter began joining her for massage.

“I can’t tell you how -beneficial it was for both of us and how much it helped us get through that horrible time in our lives,” Michele expressed.

A couple of months later, Michele’s mom passed away and Michele returned to Denver, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Elements Massage® and the impact that it had on her. Eventually, Michele pursued franchise opportunities and dove into researching other franchises and as she dug in, was blown away by the level of support that Elements provides in contrast to some of the others that she researched.

“It was meant to be; there was no other direction to go,” Michelle had realized.

She purchased a license for a studio in the Denver-area. As an optician for seven years, Michele was ready for the next step and had always wanted to own her own business.

Thrilled with her new adventure and tribute to her mom, Michelle hit the ground running. With her first studio, she plans to spend as much time as possible getting it up and running, but plans to be there 1-2 days a week as she hires a manager to run the daily operations.

“The Elements business model is one of the reasons I went with this franchise.  As much as I may have thought I knew about running a business, I didn’t have a clue how much was involved.  The Elements Massage® support staff really does support you with each step,” says Michele.

Another tipping point for Michele was Elements’ focus on quality, not quantity or products. Her desire is that each and every client walks into her studio and is overcome with that same “let it all go; take a deep breath” feeling that she had.

“I want our clients to walk into the studio and let go; relax,” Michele says.